​*2014 BroadwayWorld Best Featured Actor*

"This is ensemble playing at its ultimate best. Every actor shines...Toby Tropper makes Tim Allgood another standout, who rushes around in a bloody tailspin. It takes impeccable timing to pull off farce this precise..." - Don Grigware, Grigware Reviews



"Toby Tropper throws himself into his performance as the M.C...he manages to find balance between the wild abandon of “Willkommen” and the haunting melancholy of “I Don’t Care Much.” And Tropper successfully captures the bittersweet note in “If You Could See Her,” which finds him serenading a woman in an ape suit." - Sarah Linn, San Luis Obispo Tribune


​​*2014 Best Lead Actor in A Musical Scenie Award​​*

"...Tropper not only looks uncannily like a young Wilder, he nails every single Frederick Frankenstein moment, has great rapport with his costars, and shows off terrific comedic chops and song-and-dance skills..." -

KARAOKE KID: "One of the best performances comes courtesy of Toby Tropper who plays Johnny’s sidekick, Tim Brady. Of all the actors at the Melodrama, Tropper knows best how to spin quiet moments or offside comments into comedy gold. Plus, when he launches into his version of “The Real Slim Shady,” you will cry your eyes out laughing and cheering." - Rebecca Rose, Santa Maria Sun

A WITLESS ROGUE: "Tropper steals every scene he is in with his physical and silly role. The actor's gift is gliding into characters like Chiqui as easily as he does as a clam in “Under the Boardwalk,” also playing at the Melodrama throughout the summer. He has an easy time with the physical aspects of the role and the witty dialogue."- Brad Memberto, Lompoc Record

A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT:  Toby Tropper is no stranger to risky roles. He’s channeled a flamboyant master of ceremonies in “Cabaret,” a rapping clam in “Under the Boardwalk” and legendary Spanish painter Pablo Picasso in “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” Tropper’s latest acting challenge requires him to juggle 10 or 11 characters at once, including men, a woman and a dog."

- San Luis Obispo Tribune

THE FOREIGNER: "Tropper struts his comedic stuff and is in fine fettle as the amiable and good-hearted Ellard Simms." - Santa Maria Sun

UNDER THE BOARDWALK: "Toby Tropper stole the show as clam Bivalve DeVoe with rip-roaring comedic timing and a frustrated poor-me attitude." - Santa Maria Sun

"...the show is led by several amazing performers. Most notably are Toby Tropper as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein and Austin Robert Miller as his sidekick Igor...Not only is Tropper a real trooper, he resembles Gene Wilder with his wild hair and wild eye stare as he gets pulled into the dark world of his late Grandfather. Truly he is insane about the brain..."

"Toby Tropper swaggers onto the set as Pablo Picasso with so much magnetic charisma and boozy womanizing ways, you’d think he was more ’80s rock star than abstract artist." - SLO New Times